With ever-evolving technology, you need to make sure you are using leading edge solutions for your Enterprise or Small Business. Because no two clients are the same, we have partnered with specific vendors to meet the needs of any environment. Below is more detailed information about each vendor we use.

Phone Systems

Our key phone system partners of ShoreTel, Panasonic and Mitel represent the latest and best in state-of-the art business communication systems.

ShoreTel is a leading provider of cloud, onsite, and hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions. Their award-winning communications solutions for small and mid-market companies consistently outperform the competition in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, value, and lowest total cost of ownership.

Be Sure To Check Out The ShoreTel Cloud Solution

Panasonic SIP, IP and Digital models come with an industry-leading two-year warranty, and their cordless models are backed by a one-year warranty. Up to seven years total coverage is available on Panasonic Business Communication Server products with our optional extended warranty.

Mitel business phone systems allow seamless integration of IP voice, web collaboration, video conferencing, mobility, advanced messaging and more to your existing infrastructure, business processes and productivity. Their carrier-grade solutions are robust, scalable and easy to deploy.

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Computer & Server

Millennium computer and server solutions for Small to Medium Size Businesses can take the simplest of computer systems and configure them to grow as your company grows. We will work with your IT department so that your computer and server systems are better aligned with the demands of your business, to ensure that:

  • they are stable and reliable to business standards.
  • data is moved from computers to servers for greater access and control.
  • security systems are set up for authentication, authorization, and data integrity.
  • your users have network access anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you cost-efficient flexibility. Start with only what you need to run your business, then add apps as your needs change.


Network Infrastructure

The HP product line-up allows you to keep up with demands from cloud, security, mobility and big data. Give BYOD users access while securing your network at the edge—cost-effectively. Prioritize workers using collaboration tools, like Microsoft Skype for Business, to optimize traffic and enhance user experience. Give network administrators the edge with the ability to pinpoint, diagnose, verify and solve network issues in real-time, from data center to branch office.

Cisco Networking Software (IOS, XE, XR, and NX-OS) is the world’s most widely deployed networking software. It integrates cutting-edge technology, business-critical services, and broad hardware platform support. You can now take advantage of shared software and the ability to maintain consistent features with reusable code across the network. This helps you deliver services faster and improve innovation.

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Cable Infrastructure

Regardless of industry, high bandwidth networks require the highest performing structured cabling products available. To meet your data transmission requirements, escalating data network storage needs and multimedia communication support, our product partners have the Copper, FIber Optic and Special Applications cables to meet your infrastructure needs.

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