Remote Monitoring







Remote monitoring with Millennium gives your business the assurance that your network has the following benefits:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Ping tracking
  • Bandwidth watch
  • Virus and Malware Detection
  • Monitor usable space
  • Critical event detection

We monitor your managed computers 24×7.
To see how remote monitoring can help your business, contact us today.

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PING Tracking

A networking utility program to
test connectivity and server
response time.

Bandwidth Watch

Assurance that your bandwidth is
both functional and fast is vital to
the efficiency of your business.

Performance monitoring

We monitor your business systems
to ensure they are running a peak
performance levels.

Virus and malware detection

Malware can destroy your systems.
Constant monitor is your greatest
defense against attack.

Monitor usable space

Monitoring your servers usable
space is crucial to overall

critical event detection

Preparing for a catastrophe saves
time and resources. We watch your
servers to stay ahead of the storm.